Everything is possible – with RENOLIT REFACE PVDF Coated

Everything is possible – with RENOLIT REFACE PVDF Coated.

Embellish buildings with a new finish by refurbishing the facade – that’s the idea behind the high-performance film RENOLIT REFACE.

Property owners benefit in three ways: An extensive, complete refurbishment becomes unnecessary; they can look forward to a long-term value preservation; and they will be delighted about the attractive new exterior of their building. With RENOLIT REFACE, buildings are given an appealing makeover, and the refurbished facade retains its optics much longer.

The innovative, self-adhesive multilayer films from RENOLIT are a fast, cost-efficient, and permanent way to freshen up building envelopes. The weather-proof film covers facades or facade elements made of metal and HPL like a second skin, adorning them with new splendor.

By the way: RENOLIT REFACE scores in terms of sustainability, as well. Property owners spare themselves more than just repeated facade coatings, as a complete renovation becomes unnecessary. Used metal sheets don’t have to be disposed of and new ones don’t have to be produced.

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